Rugs and carpets take a lot of hard wear and tear. Aside from being walked on day and night, even by those of us who carefully remove our shoes when in the house, they still get plenty of wear.

Pets too can be a real problem. Not only do they sometimes track in dirt and sand, even mud, from outside, but they have a tendency to have little “accidents” that not only look and smell bad, but actually damage an expensive carpet because of the acids that they leave behind to soak through.

While area rugs add a beautiful accessory addition to any home, caring for them can be a challenge. Very expensive Oriental rugs must have the experience of a trained and expert rug doctor to assure their integrity when being cleaned or repaired. In the hands of someone less experienced in handling this type of product, a great deal of irreparable damage can quickly and easily be inflicted on the rug, completely ruining not only its appearance but its value as well.

Here in Maui, we promise to make certain that every rug we handle will have the best most technically correct care from our experienced carpet masters that you’ll find anywhere.

We watch every move from the moment we see your carpet or rug until it has been safely restored, cleaned and the original beautiful luster returned to it.

For wall-to-wall carpets, we exercise the same attention and care in your home as we do for the area rugs we take to our studio for cleaning and restoration.

Given the opportunity, we come out when you call to give your carpets the protection they need and help you prevent such disastrous damages as those that may result from excess soiling which can cause premature wear and tear.

We are able to do pet odor removal.

We check for mold and mildew, clean and sanitize the area and make sure the carpet is properly clean.

Proper maintenance can help prevent the heavy wear and tear of a large family or a business office that can result from infrequent attention by a professional carpet and rug company.

Our carpet and rug care experience enables us to help maintain the structural integrity that might otherwise weaken the entire woven structure of your carpets.

Without proper maintenance, carpets tend to fade, bleed and become unraveled around the fringes. The cording that binds the sides may also loosen and begin to unwrap. Carpets may shrink over time, and of course, any damaged surface, such as a cigarette burn or a tear should immediately be given special attention.

On occasion, we find that insects have burrowed down into the fibers of your carpet as well.

Other services we offer include chemical sensitivity cleaning for those who find themselves allergic to certain chemicals. We treat for dust mites, an eternal ongoing problem. Our treatment also includes treatment to fix the dye in your rugs or carpets to minimize bleeding or future fading.

We apply a fire retardant to add to the safety of your home, sanitize the product and add a soil and stain protector to help keep your carpets fresh until our next visit.

Other services we offer include lost or damaged fringe repair or replacement, patching and spot dye. We can do repairs by hand as well as machine and we can de-curl stubborn corners or edges.

There’s nothing quite as nice as having a fresh clean carpet to make your home or office look like new again. Almost all carpet and rug manufacturers recommend regular professional cleaning to maintain not only the beautiful initial appearance but to maintain the warranty that accompanies most new carpeting these days. When proper care and maintenance is observed, an expensive carpet can beautifully repay its owner with many years of comfortable and satisfactory service making it, in the end, a bargain at almost any price.

When we come to your home, an experienced associate can quickly give a written estimate as to the cost involved for the job at hand, and once approved, your furniture will be carefully moved not only to save you the effort but to assure that it is properly done and placed in a safe place while the clean carpet is being worked on and during the drying process. When all is ready, we just as carefully replace everything the way it was.

We use only the latest and most effective carpet removal technology. We pre-treat all carpets for stains and odors.
In your home, a powerful exterior truck-mounted steam extractor cleans deeply through the fibers of your carpet and no matter how matted and dirty your high traffic areas are, our trained personnel can bring them back to life in just a short time.

When all is finished we give the carpets a freshwater rinse to remove any possible residue, an extra step that helps ensure that your freshly cleaned carpet stays cleaner longer.

Good airflow is essential during the drying process which may take half a day or so and only when all is ready and has undergone a thorough final inspection, will our technicians be finished and leave you to enjoy your beautiful new clean and fresh carpet.

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